Buffet, BBQ, Hot Pot supper or something a little different?

We can offer more than just hog roasts.  At Hot Roast Hogs we pride ourselves on the variety of food we can offer from basic wholesome meals like hotpot with crusty bread and red cabbage to a gourmet barbecue with fillet steak  & lobster tails.



We believe every customer should have their own menu not something outdated and off the shelf.  This is why we build every buffet specifically for you.  


Whether you want a basic finger buffet with sandwiches, pork pies & quiches, fork buffets with a salad selection, sliced meats & pates or a hot buffet with curry, lasagne, hot potatoes and a cheese platter we can provide the buffet to suit your party perfectly.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 



Barbecues can and should be so much more than the raw chicken drummers and burnt sausages we have all had to suffer at some point!  We take pride in our barbecue menus and have developed some stunning marinades and combinations that will ensure your guests will leave happy.


We can offer a selection of the old favourites like beef burgers, pork sausages and chicken pieces or why not opt for a twist on the classics and go for venison burgers, teryaki king prawn skewers, cajun pineapple wedges and asparagus spears wrapped in smoked bacon or even whole loins of lamb or a rib of beef.



If you are looking for a quick, easy & economical way to cater your function, our 'one pot' menus are ideal.  From hot pots to curries, lasagnes to casseroles, our one pot dishes are a hassle free way of offering hot food at any function and are ideal for race nights, bingo nights or charity auctions.